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Our first stop was Ripon and Ripon Cathedral once again too low light defeated my camera but I did get some shots that I hope give the essence of another wonderful building.

I know that sounds dramatic but it’s photographic frustration, I love architecture and I so admire photographers who seem to get that ‘just right’ shot. So imagine my frustration on, when looking at my shots of Fountains Abbey I was not happy. It’s that age old dilemma, that photography can catch a moment a fleeting nano second but sometimes it can’t quite get the essence the wow as the eyes take in a miraculous sight.

So Fountains Abbey near Ripon. When we told people that we were going to Yorkshire nearly everyone said ‘you must go to Fountains Abbey ‘ and it was on our to do list.  I must admit it was a dark and dank day so conditions were not perfect and I wasn’t feeling too brilliant and had I felt a bit better we would have explored more, but just to walk amongst the ruins if this beautiful place was enough.

So a bit of history

 ‘Fountains Abbey is one of the largest and best preserved ruined Cistercian monasteries in England. It is located approximately three miles south-west of Ripon in North Yorkshire, near to the village of Aldfield. Founded in 1132, the abbey operated for over 400 years, until 1539, when Henry VIII ordered the Dissolution of the Monasteries‘. 
Henry VIII was responsible for the destruction of many beautiful monastic buildings and what he didn’t destroy Oliver Cromwell had a good go at polishing off the rest !

I’m quoting here from Wiki ‘ 

In 1986 the parkland in which the abbey is situated and the abbey was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It was recognised for fulfilling the criteria of being a masterpiece of human creative genius, and an outstanding example of a type of building or architectural or technological ensemble or landscape which illustrates significant stages in human history.

That sums it up really, the abbey is in a valley and as you walk down you get tantalising glimpses and as you round the corner the abbey is strung out in front of you and my, amazing.

I had to put the shot of the Pheasant, they were everywhere and the way they run so funny. 

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  1. I lovely flavour of Yorkshire. I agree the Abbey is a lovely sight – and as is often the case at these places spectacular in the 'right' light! You have interesting photos Viv !!! I've not been in the cathedral in Ripon because there was a funeral taking place when we visited.


  2. I love the collage of stone work and local beauty like the pheasant – they are such handsome birds. The low light challenge is frustrating and one I've dealt with – finally, I learned to increase the ISO (a lot) and deal with “noise” in Lightroom…it works. Love the wonderful history about the Abbey. Beautiful showcase of your visit, Viv!


  3. Beautiful buildings. The stained glass is breathtaking in the first set. I can't imagine what it would be like to see in person! I love the textures in the second set. These buildings would be awesome to see!


  4. Oh Viv I know how you feel with the low-light thing. I think that is one of the most challenging aspects of photography to overcome. I did so enjoy your visit to Fountain Abbey, though. The pheasant is a hoot!xoxo


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