Do you get sidetracked when you on the computer ? Do you start off with the intention of finishing an art piece then discover yourself moving around music files and tidying up iTunes. Then you look at the clock and find that the time you have allocated for computer is over ?  Yes that’s me..

So, a quick post and some images that I am playing with for PhotoArtistry , if you haven’t come across this course check it out HERE it’s brilliant.

So I started with this a photo taken with my iPhone 4 
Not one of my best efforts at all, in fact before the days of Photoshop and Lightroom I would have thrown it away, but I liked the sky.
Here is what I did with it in Lightroom.
Lots of drama and a tobacco’s beginning to look better
This is when the fun began.
Many layers,  hours  and cups of tea later !
 Then I thought to myself let’s try something else
And finally
I’m undecided but I think my favourite is number 1 I’m not sure that the background in number 3 is quite right.
Tell me what you think ?


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