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I’m on a roll at the moment making scrapbook pages. It’s a great way of recording our trip and showing as many photographs as possible without boring the pants off people !

So impressions of York, mixed actually. I’m sure it is the same all the world over, beautiful cities just sinking under traffic, the car is king no getting away from it and some cities deal better with it than others. We took a bus tour to get our bearings and to catch sight of some places we would miss. And I was sad, a beautiful Roman, Medieval city being slowly ground down amongst traffic, people and some fairly atrocious 1960’s architecture. But every now and again a glimpse of what it used to be like.

This is Clifford’s Tower. there has been some sort of fortification here since 1068. From the 15th and 16th centuries it fell into disrepair and has been used as a defence against the Roundheads in the English Civil War when York was for the Royalist cause in 1644. More recently it was used as a prison.

We wandered the streets taking photographs but it was not easy as the streets are narrow and I must admit I wasn’t in the right mood for lots of photography ( I must admit I was fairly grumpy).  
The Shambles is one of the oldest medieval streets in Europe that has shops but mostly tourist type selling souvenirs.  Bettys is famous for afternoon tea and queuing can sometimes take two hours or more !!

But the Minster was remarkable and bliss no traffic. Photography inside was a no go not enough light so I just took snippets that I knew I could make into some scrap pages.

Some closups of carving on the outside of the Minster. Glorious, there has been some sort of religious building here since 627 !!!  Although it has it’s fair share of fires, burglary and in the 19th century bankruptcy .

 Linking up today with Helen at Inspiration Pavilion for a weekend walk.

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  1. I love York, my daughter lived there when she was at University so I was able to visit when I could. She lived just off the Shambles so we were able to walk into the centre. I agree about the traffic, it is such a shame, I remember having to leave half an hour early to get anywhere due to just sitting in the traffic for ages. I love your scrapbook page.


  2. I was in York once when we visited England back in the late 80's…I am sure the traffic and congestion has increased since we were there. Lovely captures even tho you may have been a little grumpy it doesn't show in your images!!


  3. Love your “queing” words. In the states we call it a line. I'm on vacation now and went to the Leaf Peepers Festival here…fun for a while and then got peopled out. I was done! But I got some shots. That tower shot is awesome!


  4. It's those glimpses of the past we need to capture before they're engulfed further. It's a lovely place to visit before Christmas. I love the cathedral detail – a most impressive place… but Phil always grumbles at the entrance cost!


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