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It’s an obsession, notebooks. Clean unmarred ready for pen, crayon or paint. So why can’t I use them ?  Why do I stroke them, put them away take them out periodically, stroke them again, sigh, then put them back in the drawer.

I can do better with a Wacom tablet and brushes than I can ever do with paper, glue and paint so why this compulsion?

Take a look at the image below all done digitally . I started with a 8.5 x8.5 canvas (artifact size). Then filled it with a creamy yellow colour ( I’m sort of thinking Moleskine colour) . Then I ran a watercolour filter over it to get a sort of feel of a watercolour notebook.  a dictionary page that I had scanned was added using the darken blend at 12% opacity so as you could just see it.

At that point I decided I wanted an autumnal type palette so off I went to Design Seeds,  have you seen the site ? Great for inspiration here is the link to the palette I chose it’s called canyon colour.

Lots of brushes layered I used Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Metro Brush set, changing colours and rotating them.
I stopped there and saved the page as a canvas ready to add photos,text and embellishments.
So no need for notebooks hmmmm….
Here are two layouts with the same subject but completely different styles which do you like the best ?
Additional supplies by Captivated Visions, Agnes Biro and Tangie Baxter font Old Press.
Additional Supplies by Anna Aspnes,  Flergs@ Scrapbook Graphics and Cinzia Designs @ Oscraps  font League Gothic


  1. OK, you asked: I love LOVE the background you created. It is gorgeous! It grabbed my attention immediately at Bloglovin and I couldn't wait to see what the heck it was all about. But it is such a beautiful 'prima donna' that will vie for attention with whatever you place upon it – photo-wise or title or otherwise. Your wonderful art-tabletop shot is way more effective on the simpler background, where it has room to breathe. BTW the second background is fabulous in its simplicity – willing and able to play a 'supporting role.'xoxoPS You continue to inspire me with your digital mastery!


  2. Both are amazing Viv! Your digital talents are extraordinary, and these two pages show that clearly. Creating a background page like yours is something to be pleased about…yours is such a creative eye. Love both of these.


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