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 ‘When Two Worlds Collide’- York Part One
To continue with our September road trip to Yorkshire. Our first full day in Yorkshire was spent in the wonderful city of York.  Mark was very keen to visit the National Railway Museum the largest rail museum in the world. I have to say I was not very keen on the idea thinking of musty old trains in windy, cold railway sheds. How wrong, so far from the truth, a beautifully presented and well documented museum appealing even to the most reluctant visitors. With a very attractive cafe (very important to me) and lots of places to sit and just look at these amazing works of engineering.
I just had to take a photograph of the gentleman, he knew I was photographing him but just let me get on with it. I have the idea that he visits everyday and sits amongst the trains, maybe he was an engine driver remembering the days of steam. One of the best parts to visit was the warehouse of objects, including suitcases, sign, levers anything that could be used in stations on walls in railway hotels…
I couldn’t resist adding some more shots to add to my ‘grunge’ catalogue….

Linking up with Helen today on Inspiration Pavilion… why don’t you ?

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  1. A brilliant collection. I absolutely adore your photo of the old Yorkshire man – so characterful. I'm excited about these places too – there are so many similar places when you investigate further and all unique in their own way. I never imagined pre-photography days that I would be saying that! I hope you're going to post more of your Yorkshire trip. Thanks so much for linking up with me. I feel a visit to a museum coming on!


  2. Viv, you have a real gift for al aspects of photography and processing and digital scrapbooking. I think you underestimate your abilities in capturing people in their environments. The composition of the shot of the Yorkshire man is just fantastic. The tones and contrasts in black and white are just perfect. And I'm sure it all just came naturally to you!


  3. Wonderful images that show the details of such a great place to visit! Oh my, my whole family would love to see this museum. We're all a little train crazy, especially my grandsons!


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