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Margaret Graham in her book ‘Writing Awake, the Dreamweaver’ writes that when we are children we have imagination and creativity but, as we grow older this instinctive part of our being is pushed down or pushed out . So we have to to relearn this innate skill.  She says: 

‘Be aware that we deny or diminish our innate creativity at our peril.  We need it’

So on Sunday I played, I sorted and played and placed , no pressure no ambition just played. And it was fun I didn’t have a time limit and if it didn’t work I could just hit that delete button. 
This was all done digitally and the aim was to make it as much like a physical page as possible.  I think it turned out pretty well.  I used Margaret Graham’s quote as a starting point.
‘ It is how our heart sings, how our emotions and experiences can emerge into the light of the day and can be accommodated and healed’…
I hope you have a great week…
Products by Captivated Visions, Sissy Sparrows, Nancie Rowe Janitz and Anna Aspnes…

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