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So our roadtrip began ( don’t you think roadtrip in the UK sounds a bit strange ? Maybe it’s just me). We had planned some stops along the way , the first one was the National Memorial Arboretum the UK’s year round centre of Remembrance,  it commemorates and celebrates those who have given their lives for their country.   It is a charity and is run by a team of staff and volunteers and is home to the Armed Forces Memorial,  which commemorates those who have been killed on duty or as a result of terrorism from the end of the Second World War to current conflicts. It was very busy full of veterans and their families.

We left after some lunch and drove onto Derbyshire and Hardwick Hall one of the grand houses now looked after and maintained by the National Trust. We didn’t leave enough time to see everything in the house, it was huge, no flash or tripods are allowed in the house and curtains are closed to save the tapestries. So it really wasn’t possible to take photographs.  Bess of Hardwick as she was known is one of of the most notable figures of Elizabethan England, she married four times and by the end of her life was the second wealthiest woman after Elizabeth I. She was of modest birth which makes her story even more interesting ..

To our delight there were the ruins of the original hall that Bess had semi demolished to use the stone for her far more grander home…

Supplies by Anna Aspnes and Kim Klassen…
Here is a link to the Memorial Arboretum and more about Bess of Harwick

Linking up today with Helen for a Weekend Walk

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  1. A great start to your road trip ( agreed it does sound strange in the UK but funnily something I've started to use myself!) I've never been to the memorial but I can imagine it's a very moving place to visit as this is reflected in your photos. Hardwick Hall is now on my ever-expanding list of places to visit – it's not too far from me! I really can't wait to see where else you visited – sounds like you covered plenty of interesting places. Thanks for linking to my blog.


  2. Well Hallelujah you're back! Your pictures have been killing me this week, I have been waiting impatiently for the stories behind them and to see more of course. Also I have missed you terribly on FB this week. Love that Hardwick Hall!


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