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‘ Look I like hanging out with you, but you’re making me tired ok? I’m an introvert!’

Introvert ~~~~~
‘One who focuses on the inner world of thoughts and ideas’.
‘One who gains energy from alone time, one who thinks before they speak’ ( Urban Dictionary)

Am I an introvert ? I certainly like being in my own space on my terms. Shyness can be a mask, noise gets to me, the cacophony of clashing cups in Starbucks, the sudden scream of a child. I find it difficult to block out noise so I can hear a conversation or concentrate but if I avoid the places that I find noisy and intrusive my world will shrink even further.

Can you train yourself to accept more noise ? I wonder……
Holderness, Squam Lake New Hampshire 2006
Two layers of ‘Daisy’ from the Downton Collection and one layer of ‘Chill’ from The Test Kitchen
Boston Christian Science Building September 2006
Using Nancy’s texture aptly named ‘Boston – 0416-1

Linking up with Kim Klassen at Texture Tuesday and Nancy Claeys at Tuesday Muse and Global Communal



  1. I know exactly what you mean, I am very noise intolerant….although the last few years with a small child has made me a little more resilient. 🙂 Beautiful images here.


  2. Agree with what Beverly said, didn't know you once lived in the states, you all are getting ready to watch Downton Abbey. Lucky you guys, we here in the states have to wait until Jan. Lovely texture use on your lovely images. I also love the new header.


  3. Your Squam Lake photo has brought back memories for me. We spent our summer vacations there when I was a child. I haven't been there you decades. At one time I could tolerate a lot of noise – but that was when I lived in the city. I'm in a really small town now and it took awhile to get used to the quiet. I love it now.


  4. Beautiful images, Viv! I do not like noise either – I'm extremely sensitive to it, and it drives my hubby crazy. I even hate the sound of the refrigerator!!


  5. I imagine that there are more introverted bloggers than not — seems to be a good method for us to express ourselves in peace. 🙂 Beautiful photos and edits Viv. Thank you for sharing this week.


  6. These are such lovely images, Viv! I love the reflection of the Boston building in the water. I'm an introvert. But I can sit at Starbucks or Barnes and Noble and read or write, no problem. I know all the noise doesn't require my interaction, I think.


  7. Love that Boston photo! I think Sharon hit the nail on the head…I can deal with people if nothing is required of me…I also can read or write in a B&N or BAM, no problem…or put earbuds in with music.


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