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Yesterday I (with the help of Mark) created a little studio in the spare bedroom, with darker days coming I’m not so keen on using the sunroom when the lack of heating out there makes it cold.

So with an old projector screen some hooks and foam board to act as a reflector I got underway.  Of course I will probably will need to use the tripod on dark days and maybe a light and that is is an expense I can do without so many to choose from.

This shot was taken using the little model that my niece found for me in a charity shop ( she knows me so well) a pretty lacy scarf bought with the purpose of taking the lace off to use on a sewing project, I’m so glad I didn’t.  I used an ISO of 400 to give myself more light and as I knew I would be using texture on the shot it didn’t matter if the shot was a little noisy.  I draped the foam board that I was using as a reflector with the scarf and snap.  In Lightroom I tweaked and added Kim’s new preset ‘light and airy film’ also James Brandon’s preset ‘Grammy’s Lemonade’ I lowered the clarity to give a softer feel  In PS I added Kim’s texture ‘Daisy’ from The Downton Collection added some text using the Tangerine font and added a vignette effect.

I feel quite excited about creating new scenarios ….. Joining up today with Kim and Nancy…



  1. So very professional looking Viv! The tones and composition are fantastic!! Love the idea of your little studio…I'm not yet looking forward to days with less daylight hours!


  2. How wonderful that you have your own studio now! Congratulations! This is such an appealing, whimsical photo. One of the first of so many you will come up with in your new place 🙂


  3. lovely result and I love that you created your own little studio. I've been thinking of doing something similar. In fact I was at Michael's the other day and purchased some foam board to use in my office during the days of winter.


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