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You know how it goes, the agonising over what photos to put on your blog….. so maybe two posts. I can split my photo walk into three experiences, the railway and the harbour followed by the mill. Such is the variety of experiences in such a small area…in fact the whole of Somerset only covers about 1600 square miles…and has a population of 910,000 .
We drove to Bishop’s Lydeard, the starting point for the West Somerset Railway a heritage railway line that operates a 20 mile service from Bishop’s Lydeard to Minehead on the north Somerset coast…
The stations along this line are beautifully maintained and preserved and are run by mostly volunteer staff so it is a labour of love….
As you can see I have gone for the retro look stations like this remind me of The Railway Children
Such beautiful engines glossy and shiny…..
 Wonderful characters with years of experience…..
This gentleman was visiting with his family on his birthday he told Mark that he had been an engine driver in 1944 in London ….
The noise and the smell of the steam brought back so many memories of travelling up to London in the late 1960’s from the West Country to visit my London cousins..
Linking up today with Helen on A Flash of Inspiration for a weekend walk…. why don’t you play….

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8 thoughts on “A WEEKEND WALK

  1. I think breaking them down is a good idea in particular because your photos are so interesting it'd be a shame not to share them! I love old railways and the characters and enthusiasts you meet along the way – such a 'feelgood' factor! There's a fab one a Pickering – it goes up past Goathland where they used to film Heartbeat – you must check out NYMR. And perfect vintage processing! Thanks so much for linking with my blog!


  2. Oh my the vintage trains! And the 'vintage' characters too, with their fond reminiscences. Today I googled Somerset…I knew I had been in your part of the world: 2007 on a tour bus with my husband and two teenage daughters – LOL. Loved it…I also hauled out the big scrapbook I made from our trip. You have awakened precious memories from a bittersweet time. Glastonbury…Bath too.xoxo


  3. What a wonderful place to visit and I love your capture of the faces and your processes is perfect!! I also hopped over to see your “book”…how lovely.


  4. Super candids!!!! I see them and it makes me think of a movie I watched last week, “Waking Ned Devine”…ever see it? It's set in Ireland…isn't that next door? 🙂 You know I'm Scots-Irish!


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