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That is the problem isn’t it knowing when to stop ? 

With layering and blending there is a point when it is just too much and your piece that you have spent hours tweaking,  just looks a mess. The whole focus and balance has vanished. you sit back and look AND… it’s waaaay over….. just like when you were little and your painting became  a mass of brown and yellow…. yes you know what I mean….

Here is the original photograph taken just off St Mark’s Square in Venice…. I love this image because it has so many possibilities for grunging, art journalling and so on. I won’t be going back there so this photo is special….

I’ve always loved the idea of digital manipulation and have tried on and off for years to be able to create digitally what I do physically. Now I can do this thanks to the technology and the teachers whose classes I have signed up with over the years….
Here is the mixed media piece, it’s looking a bit shabby now I created this about 12 years ago….
And here is the digital piece…..

{Blogger what are you doing why won’t you centre my picture}
Lots of layers and textures some mine, one of Kim’s (sonnet samples) some from the Photoshop Artistry course I am taking…The figure is the distance is supplied by fallen_stock at Deviant Art and the little Commedia dell’arte figure (Arlecchino) from
Now this is when i think I went a bit too far….
The text says…
I would love your opinion…..


  1. I REALLY love them both. I don't think you went too far with the second one. I am so impressed with what you did with this. I am excited to get home and start with playing with the stuff from this class.


  2. In general I agree with you, Viv. Part of developing our art is knowing what is enough and what is too much. It's sure hard sometimes. In this particular case, I love them both as well. The second one doesn't go too far, in my opinion, because the addition on the right complements so well the theme and design and it also balances the piece. Great work Viv!


  3. I don't think you went too far. I really like the last one best of all. I think we tend to second guess ourselves and try to imagine what others will think of what we created. What feels right to you is what matters, it's your creation. When you feel it' done, that's when it is done. To thine own self be true…


  4. My opinion…and this is ONLY my opinion…is the light part of the last one detracts from the image, but going too far? I don't think so. I also think it depends on your objective is…


  5. I love the image on its own…because it encourages me to interpret it in my own way, with all the little nuanced details, like the figures.BTW I win at overkill. I have always created this way, no matter the medium. I can't help myself. It's why I never took to watercolor. Or smocking. Or photography…until Photoshop. It's taken me this long to learn when to rein myself in and just 'stop the madness!' The nice thing about digital art is that you can just make it all go away with a simple click, whereas with 'real' art it's there to stare back at you, and torment you until you either destroy it…or keep going until it looks right.xoxo


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