I’m sitting in my little computer room at the top of the stairs, I have to have the blinds shut as my monitor faces the window, if you saw me you think I had a twitch as I have to sit sideways to see the screen properly not a good position,  but soon it will be cloudy and autumnal and I will remember those mornings with a sigh….
On Sunday I had an urge to bake (colder morning maybe).  Mark likes to take my homemade bread to work as sandwiches so he can compare my bread with his boss’ homemade sourdough !! Honestly …
So soda bread was made and oat muffins….
The bread was particularly lovely not so the muffins I want my muffins to taste like Starbuck’s Rise and Shine muffins ..

Doesn’t this look good ?

Using stamped softly texture from Kim K….

Using a fantastic new texture – Dollard (soft and gentle) that Kim made available in her Beyond Beyond class… The font in both shots is one of my favourites KG ‘somebody I used to know’.

Does anyone have a good muffin recipe please……

Here are 2 freebies for you to try a png and abr (brush) file please let me know if you downloaded them

A freebie HERE and HERE



  1. I'm not much of a baker so I have no good recipes to share but I can direct you to a good bakery. I am adding your love quote to my collection – it will be my favorite now. Your bread looks delicious.


  2. These are just lovely Viv! I especially love the texture on the top one, and the bread in a basket on the chair! It's been a while since I made sourdough bread but it's always a hit. Too funny how your hubby compares yours to others. I'm sure yours is the best!!


  3. Obviously he is proud of your bread or he wouldn't be comparing….what a sweetie…..Love the processing on these shots. I am sorry I can't offer you a receipt; I don't really cook that much….


  4. I love sun streaming into my office window but then I'm catty-cornered to the window so it doesn't bother me when I work. I did download your brushes. Thank you!! And both photos are lovely but the second one does make my mouth water. Have a lovely week, Viv!


  5. homemade bread is just one of life's greatest, simplest pleasures. i'm sure your hubby is thrilled to have your delicious bread in his lunch box. 🙂


  6. Trying to get better at making the bread. Hubby seemed to like the sourdough that I make rather than from the bread machine. Would love one of those muffins right about now. Looks delicious and your photos make your baking look so yummy. Very nice, and thanks for the brush and quote. Appreciated.


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