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I have felt for a long time that I need to change to let go of fear and self doubt…. All my life I have struggled with depression and the feeling that I am not worth it, this has been with me since my teens…
So I have the books and the resolve… I hope you will be patient with me and follow me (gently) on my journey…

Living a healthier,  grateful and meaningful life trying to be more sociable ( so difficult for the introvert in me)

Books I have collected so far ‘Writing, Awake the Dreamweaver’ ~ Margaret Graham
‘Escaping into the Open’ ~ Elizabeth Berg…..

Any suggestions ?

6 thoughts on “MONDAY MUSING

  1. Now is your time Viv…I know of what you speak..and it is scary but I've found that breaking free of some of my worries has healed me in so many other areas of life…still every once in awhile (like now) I get blindsided again…I think to much…so like you, today I move on being much more gentle with myself…and for someone who really doesn't know you very well…I do admire you so much…your photography, editing and generous spirit are an inspiration…sometimes it's hard to see what other sees in us..I do love Escaping into the Open…I read that a long time ago but recently got the new revised edition and I just bought The True Secret of Writing by Natalie Goldberg…after loving her book..Writing Down the Bones..I'm going now to look up that book you recommended. Wishing you great peace Viv…on your Journey…


  2. Being an introvert myself I share your struggles. And I know how hard it is. I loved the Susan Cain book: Quiet. Also one that I have been thinking about lately that I have somewhere in this house is The Fine Art of Small Talk by Debra Fine. I will have to check out the Elizabeth Berg book I have not read that one.


  3. I so understand this. It seems as if I am always looking for that one magic bullet that will make things easier for me. It is a process for sure. I will have to check out Elizabeth Berg's book. I have not heard of that before. Great post.


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