weekend walk, Wells
A trip out to visit the city of Wells a 45 minute drive from Taunton…..Traditionally the title of city could only be granted if the town had a cathedral this became common in the 16th Century when Henry VIII founded dioceses in six English towns…
 Wells is the smallest city in England and it’s history goes back to Roman times when a settlement was founded around the springs that bubble up there…. Wells gets it’s name from these springs which can be found in the garden of the Bishop’s Palace…
We decided not to go into the cathedral as we had visited before and being the tourist season it was very busy…
Although remarkably unspoilt the car is king and even these cobbled streets have to make way for parking….But twice a week the cars disappear and a market takes place….
I would so love one of these coats but alas they are far too young for me……
So we walked around the moat that surrounds the Bishop’s Palace…. It has been home to the Bishops of Bath and Wells for 800 years and now you can hire it as a wedding venue … It was being used so we had a wonderful walk around the impressive moat…
We ended up almost where we started but more great photo opportunities came into view….
Such impressive masonry ……
And the wonderful cathedral clock….
And finally the Vicars’ Close 
Built around 1342 and still lived in today by members of the clergy….
I’m going to be back, there are some great independent shops, tearooms and of course more carvings and textures to add to my ever growing library of grunge …..
Thanks Helen for hosting the weekend walk…..
Are you going to join you know you want too !!!!!!

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  1. Wells has so much to offer beyond the cathedral and you've captured it so well!Love the close-ups – the detail is so interesting. I've never seen the Vicars' Close before – like time has stood still – just look at those chimneys! Thanks for linking with Weekend Walks!


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