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An Artisan
A worker in a skilled trade especially one that involves making things by hand….
Street markets where local artisans display handwoven textiles, painted ceramics and painted goods.
This week I visited Bath Artisan Market. it’s held in Green Park Station and has become a wonderful centre for local life and culture in the centre of Bath where rental and property prices are sky-high. 
The Ethical Property Company provides space for local, ethical businesses and organisations to grow. a wonderful organisation that provides office, event and retail space to charities, social enterprises voluntary and campaign groups. The Artisan market is only one of many events that take place in this space…

It was my first visit and won’t be my last…….

First stop the bread stall oh my…. Now I love my bread and I have to say Taunton does not have an artisan baker but I found a truly wonderful one here… I learnt about ‘Donker’ bread a German dark bread made using rye, barley and coarse wholemeal flour, this ‘Donker’ also had the added delights of dried fruit and nuts…

It was a shopper’s dream, soap makers, glass blowers and photographers, every piece had been made with love and they were only too happy to chat and have photos taken….
In fact I might have a commission keep your fingers crossed……
Texture used Karla
Some lovely websites for you to check out seriously wonderful people Inner Spirals HERE
Oh My Lovely HERE
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29 thoughts on “A TEXTURE AND A TALE….

  1. I love your photography. I love the Chief Seattle quote. We have a jazz and soul festival coming up with weekend in which there will be many artisans. Your post has inspired me to spend more time with the artisans.


  2. I love street markets and fairs. I was especially interested in the guy spinning. You don't see too many guys spinning these days…..Was he offering any of his yarn for sale?I hope your commission comes through..Can't wait to hear all about it….


  3. Sounds so nice and love your sharing the name of the bread; it looks delicious. Sounds like a fun, all around day. I went to my first local 'Farmer's Market' this past Saturday. Not as much there, as what yours sounds like, but still was nice to get out and walk around and see the vegetables, and melons and other wares they had for sale. Really great photos. Thanks for sharing.Peabea (visiting from Texture Tuesday & Tuesday Muse)


  4. I admire and appreciate artisans so much and I love to look at photos of markets. Your images are beautifully composed and processed. Hey — a commission — that would be great. Good luck!


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