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There is nothing more beautiful and beguiling than a path that leads somewhere … A magic castle , a dragon or a handsome prince about to save the damsel locked in a tower…. You can make your own story…. 

What’s your story ?

Linking today with Kim and Nancy…. I used my own overlay and brush and two layers of Kim’s ‘shift’ from the 1402 set…..


14 thoughts on “COUNTRYSIDE

  1. beguiling path. I love the quote as well. When I was in Ireland I walked some of the trails through county Wicklow and your post reminded me of that. Except for the Ireland part.


  2. So pretty. When my son was little we used to walk a path that I loved. I once bought a photo that a photographer took of the path. She did a little photoshoping to make it look dreamy & titled it dream path. I love that path & photo. I have a card of it too, I'll try to scan it in and share it on FB. Thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂 Always nice to see your smiling comments!!


  3. Paths into the trees always stir my imagination. I want to explore! This is a lovely photo, with the light green in the center. And I love your new header, especially the middle photo of the books!


  4. So true…it is always a little eerie to look down the path and wonder 'should I' proceed and see what's ahead or stay back, but curiosity usually wins out. Great photo, and the lighting of the path through the trees makes it all the more intriguing.:)Peabea


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