kim klassen, texture tuesday, tuesday muse

“you are not too old
and it is not too late
to dive into your increasing depths 
where life calmly gives out 
it’s own secret” 

You probably have heard of Fibromyalgia, perhaps you have it or a friend or relative has it….
Well I have it, my daughter has it and my son has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome . It can strike at any time, sometimes I can go days without pain and then BAM it rears it’s ugly head. Aches, pains, sensitivity to light to noise, oh a host of strange unrelated ailments can strike. Well I have a bout now it kills creativity it makes me fuzzy headed…..

I might take a break from blogging and just do classes I’m not sure… Bear with me my friends..

Linking up today with Texture Tuesdays and Tuesday Muse….

Two layers of Kim’s Oceanside I followed a recipe from Kim’s Test Kitchen I love the effect ….

Portland Maine 2006
Also just popping these two taken on my phone I used the wonderful Rhonna app on the first and took the second with possibly my favourite app Hipstamatic….

Taken at about 8.30pm in my garden…..

Have a wonderful week….

25 thoughts on “TIRED TUESDAY

  1. love the texture and i just love that last picture. my boyfriend has a form of arthritis called ankylosing spondylitis so I can understand about living with chronic pain.


  2. So sorry to hear your are not feeling well! Praying that you feel better very soon!! (((Hugs)))! Your pictures are gorgeous!! I especially love the lighthouse one!!


  3. Viv, do take care of yourself. So sorry that this disease effects so many in your family. I love your lighthouse shot from Maine. There is something so romantic about a lighthouse (at least I think so). The sky shots are stunning. Take care. Happy Tuesday!


  4. Viv, I'm so sorry you have to deal with fibromyalgia…and that your other family members are affected as well. I'm sending you good thoughts and hope you feel better soon. As one who also deals with a chronic disease, I understand the frustration you feel when a bad phase hits. Your photos are beautiful, as always!


  5. Oh bummer, I am not good with pain, so having chronic pain must be just awful. I so hope that it clears quickly and you will be back to being pain free…!!! Lovin' that first shot in Maine…just beautiful colors and light!!


  6. Ah, yes! Portland Head Light. What a fabulous light house that is, isn't it? You photographed it and processed it to perfection. {Take care of yourself, my friend … sending good thoughts for quick mending.}


  7. Beautiful images, Viv. The most important thing is to take care of yourself. You can not fulfill your full potential or help others unless you are 100%.I have limited knowledge or experience with Fibromyalgia. My Dad was diagnosed with Raynod's Disease last fall. It is a recessive genetic circulatory disorder. I understand what these types of health issues can mean to a family.Prayers and best wishes to you and your family.


  8. <ay o my yes I know a few friends who deal with it.. be good to your self and rest.. I am new to your blog and coming over from Tuesday Muse.. I love light houses and this one make me wishing I was taking the photo – wink! A really nice editing job with the texture…Be safe..Hugs


  9. Your photos are lovely. My favorite is the lighthouse — that's a great angle with just a little ocean showing below the hill. I hope you many days of feeling good. I'm so sorry. Sending up a prayer for you!


  10. These are lovely. Love how you've used the texture on the first shot, so pretty. And your iphone shots are great – I have the rhonna app but haven't really used it yet, you've inspired me to explore it properly! – and I'm a hipstamatic fan too. Hope you feel better soon.


  11. good morning/afternoon Viv…i so hope you are feeling back to your old self very soon. Wish i could pop by with some chicken soup and a cup of tea to cheer you up. I adore the Maine lighthouse photo….anything by the sea always tugs at my heart!


  12. Your quote at the beginning was just what I needed! Blessings, my friend. Holding you close in thought and prayer. There's a lot of chronic pain people must endure…physical, emotional, mental, spiritual…but I somehow believe that there are lessons to be gleaned amidst the suffering. I try to remember that…xo


  13. Love the vivid colors in your first photos and the rest are great too. I empathize as my sister has the same and I get a touch now and then as I've aged. Sending blessings and prayers that your day(s) get better soon. visiting from Tuesday Muse.


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