My Friday find this week is friendship … I have had my best friend staying with me for a few days … She lives in Spain and we have not seen each other (physically) for 8 months…. We have know each other for 24 years so we know each other well… I have had to say goodbye so I’m just posting this wonderful quote on one of my own backgrounds and brush…

My Random Five…..

~ Song ” Handyman Blues” Billy Bragg listen to it HERE
~ Film ” Despicable Me”.. late to this but fab….
~ Drink  Elderflower cordial with fizzy water and a slice of lime….
~ Food   Couscous with avocado, bacon bits and apple….
~ Book   Still Joanne Harris…..
~ Finally I love the warm weather but honestly this is ridiculous….

15 thoughts on “FRIENDSHIP FRIDAY…..

  1. That is such a great quote about friendship. It really speaks to me and sums up how I felt when I met all my best friends! Glad you had a chance to spend time with one of yours this summer. Thanks for the five too. Always something new to discover….


  2. Friends are the best…and old friends even more so. I hear you on the warm weather….I am currently sitting in 100 degrees and it's 5 PM. Fortunately we do have a breeze coming off the ocean to blow all this hot air around.


  3. I love that friendship quote…just perfect and how nice for you that you were able to spend some time with a wonderful friend. I saw the first “despicable me” loved it, haven't seen the 2nd one yet.


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