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Hello it’s Monday and it’s hot !!! Now I know a lot of my readers live in places that are hot in the summer and temperatures over 30C degrees (86F) is quite normal ( in fact I know it’s been really hot in parts of the US) but I do not function above 25….We are not physically or mentally geared up for hot summers… No A/C in shops, buses and homes….So here I am sitting at my computer with a fan playing on my back life is tough !!!!!

So, Take a Word this week is hats and here is my take. The two natty gentlemen in the photo is of Mark’s Grandfather (John) and John’s best friend Harry they were so close their nickname was the ‘brothers’ glue’…They were posing before Harry’s wedding in 1923… I am so lucky to have many family photographs going back to 1900 and am slowly scanning them before they completely fade away…. I love the freedom of being able to spread my wings and construct in a more art journal style…

The Brothers Glue……
Supplies from Tangie Baxter, Nancy Rowe Janitz, Captivated Visions and the font is ‘Hootie’
Have a lovely Monday……
Why don’t you play….Take a Word

9 thoughts on “TAKE A WORD ~ MONDAY

  1. How wonderful to have those photos and the technology to scan them. I am the keeper the old family photos as well. I did a whole album for my dad a number of years ago, but I still have some pictures left that I should work on. One more thing for the to-do list. Stay cool. It is suppose to be upper 90 (F) here today. Thankfully we have air 🙂


  2. What a great photo. I reminds me of the old Cockney song “Where did you get that hat, where did you get that tile”. I love the way you have featured it. Thanks so much for joining in the challenge. (I visited England in 1993 which was a year of record hot temperatures and drought in the UK. Even though I live through very hot and long summers (in Australia), the heat in England was unbearable. We had a complimentary night at the Ritz Hotel in London and we were offered a small fan to keep us cool. It didn't!! England wasn't a green and pleasant land that year and the nights without air conditioning were sleepless!)


  3. Making some photo journal pages is what I'm looking forward to doing soon – scanning photos to preserve is one of the best things about modern times. LOVE the spats on these gents, along with the top hats. A really great photo journal page. Yes it is 94 degrees here in my state Viv – all week! Enjoy visiting with your lovely friend this week.


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