Friday, friday finds

“Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it. ” 
― M. Scott Peck

Whether it’s because the weather is warm and sunny at last but I feel time has speeded up… We have had the longest day already but I am determined to enjoy my time… As I am retired I spend a considerable amount of time on my own that is why I so value my online friendships.. From the groupies Facebook page to the linkup challenges. I am reaching out all the time.. Online education is out there and people are so generous with their knowledge and time so to all the friends,  educators and friendships not made yet a big thanks…..

Onto my images, my Friday finds this week are these sweet roses that grow in our garden… I don’t know what they are called but this year they have flourished whereas others have failed….

I can’t resist a good quote…..
I’m painting my chair with my Annie Sloan chalk paint and I painted a tin can with white and then dry brushed some Paris Grey along the rim…..
What have you found this week ? Do tell…
Five Random Things :-

So pleased that Andy Murray won Wimbledon now he can get on with his life…
I am a messy painter even though I put paper out I still manage to get it everywhere..
Favourite textures this week Kim’s Anne and Nancy’s Braveheart…
Music that makes my heart sing….. Joni Mitchell ‘Coyote’…
Book that I love this week Joanne Harris’ “Peaches for Monsieur le Cure”.

 “Some people spend the whole of their lives sitting waiting for one train, only to find that they never even made it to the station.” 

                        ― Joanne HarrisPeaches for Monsieur le Curé

Have a great weekend…….

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20 thoughts on “FRIDAY ALREADY ?

  1. Great Random Five. Love the painted can idea. Can't wait to see your chair when it is done. Don't worry I am a very messy painter, I always have to put old clothes on even for a quick project, and there is always paint on my arm somewhere. True artists are messy in my opinion.


  2. Thank you for NOT Passing up Great Quotes . . . ANDThank you for letting me know I'm not the only person who splashes around with her paint.BEAUTIFUL ROSES (but, you knew that)-g-


  3. Beautiful Roses, I enjoy them, but have never planted any. I don't like the thorns and the spraying. But, they are lovely to look at. I crossed stitched a saying years ago for my Grandmother who had a way with roses, “God Grant us our memories, So we might have Roses in December”. Grandma's now gone and the cross stitch is back with me in the hallway.


  4. What an inspirational post to read this morning Viv! You have brightened and inspired me for the day! Love the photos, quotes and thoughts! Have a lovely day, and weekend!


  5. Your friendship is valued too Viv. So glad it's Friday.. yippeeee…. plenty of sunshine this weekend ( well at least that's what I'm expecting!) I love roses – there were none in our garden when we bought the house but we added some over the last few years – my photos never do them justice though. Enjoy your painting!


  6. Gorgeous roses and I too often love using quotes with my photo's. Joni Mitchell…now why haven't I bought any of her music. I think I need to go visit Amazon and add some to my wish list.


  7. I love your random 5…now I have another book to look up…the roses are wonderful. Thanks for the reminder for friday's Find…I totally forgot…we have a house in Maine so sometimes on a Friday we are driving from one home to the next and I never get anything done…I love our Groupie group also…such wonderful, thoughtful people…and generous…Have a beautiful weekend Viv…and thanks for the inspiration..


  8. Beautiful photos, and thought-provoking quotes. I'm interested in your comments on retirement (I'm dreaming). I appreciate the way you are choosing to learn and enrich your life. I hope you continue to enjoy this season of your life!


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