2B, digital scrapping, kim klassen

Using photography and your processing to convey emotion….. 

I don’t like having my photo taken I try but I just don’t do it… But I can use Mark… These 3 images were taken over the last 6 years, he doesn’t look any older…
I loved looking at these images and then processing them with new learnt techniques, tweaking in Lightroom and Photoshop, all of them were taken with a point and shoot ….
In my processing I tried to convey, at peace, relaxed and fun, eating churros and hot chocolate in Murcia, Spain was interesting….

I love the blue tint……

Venice our first trip…..
Messy churros !

Finished layout….I blended the main photograph into a paper by Anna Aspnes (weathered neutrals) added a png layer by Anna (12×12 Scriptease Learn No1) some more text (scriptease_learn) a caption frames and staples by Cottage Arts (Travelling Soul and ScrapTemplates28) finally a little journaling scrap by Katie Pertiet (free ColorInspiration061612)
once again a great tutorial and so much enjoyment going through the archives….

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16 thoughts on “EMOTION ~ DAY 24 ~ 2B

  1. oh Viv… these are fantastic…… its hard to pick a fav…. but i think it might be the second one…. I agree with Becs on the edits as well…. wonderful…. xo, Kim


  2. Really, really lovely Viv.Love the processing you did on all the photos. Still a little behind in 2B but catching up. I may just jump forward to 24 2B.


  3. Your photo's are amazing and the black and white conversion is lovely…all three photo's are wonderful..But beyond that you are always so creative in your presentation…Honestly Viv…I would not know where to start…you work inspires me to keep on trekking…


  4. Viv…I am with you on the selfies, man! Egads… I'd rather have a root canal or sit on a cold toilet seat. Your blue photos are amazing…and your layout at the end…like buttah (that's butter said like a new yawker).


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