Texture Tuesday and Tuesday Muse. Two photographs taken in the garden of some friends who have the most amazing garden situated by the river… It’s a mixed blessing they love it but it is such hard work… I used two of my favourites of Kim’s texture ‘oceanside’ and ‘stamped softly’ tweaked in Lightroom and Photoshop…

 I have created a grunge type second image using my own brushes and textures.. At the moment I am taking a wonderful class called Photoshop Artistry : Fine-Art Grunge Composition… I have to thank Helen Whitaker for telling me all about this wonderful course…

P.S. Starting Kim’s new course today so excited

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18 thoughts on “TUESDAY THEMES ~

  1. Up to this point, I wasn't too sure about grunge texturing, but seeing yours now makes me want to play with grunge. Really like both of your photos. The boat image conjures up many images of people who stepped out of the boat and onto the bank…are they fishing, enjoying a lovely picnic beside the water or just heading back to their cottage…hmmmm 🙂


  2. Viv, these are just wonderful! The rowboat fills me with nostalgia, all kinds of camp memories come rushing into my mind and heart. Just lovely. And good for you, learning to do your own textures and brushes. You're much more ambitious than I! {Or perhaps energetic … }


  3. These are both wonderful. Trying to decide which I like best. – Tough choice because each one is lovely for different reasons. I like the mysterious feel of the 2nd piece but I also like the gentle feel of the 1st piece.


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